What is egg?

An egg is given by female of many different animal species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and fish, and  eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years- Wikipedia

Eggs are not only known as a better idea of food by their taste but also it is good to consume egg regarding your health too. Eggs reduce the risk of heart diseases, promotes the development of the brain in fetus so is good when consumed during pregnancy. It also promotes the development of your nails and hairs also helps in your bone development by adding calcium level in your body along with the dairy products.so it is a good idea to have an egg with dairy products like milk and cheese as a combination.

Eggs increase your metabolism activities. Many types of research have shown that the appetite level and metabolism level of the people who consume egg is greater than non-egg consumers. This is one of the indicators of the state of the health condition in people.

Eggs also have high safety index which means it makes you full for a longer period of time and makes you consume less in your daily life. It is simply a cheap tool for overweight people to lose weight easily.

But not only an egg determines your health condition or is responsible for your health factors, but the way of cooking it in a healthier way also plays a great role. Someone who knows to cook eggs in a wise and healthy way is going to live a life healthy. Eating eggs as a food is a lifelong investment, so why don’t you start eating egg?

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