How to Make Egg Fry?

When someone asks me what is your all-time favorite food! Do you know what my answer is? It is obviously the ‘superfood’ eggs that one can prepare quickly and cheaply also costs less time. I love to eat eggs as breakfast, even with snacks and in dinner too. Having two eggs with the fruit juices is the most excellent combination to start your day. But the better idea to make your day is by making your egg recipe even more tasty and delicious adding the flavors. And yes definitely it is only possible to enrich the taste and flavor of egg recipe by frying it. And the skill of how to make egg fry is you can always use on making egg recipes.

But not only an egg determines your health condition or is responsible for your health factors, the way of cooking it more healthily plays a significant role.Someone who knows to cook eggs wisely and healthily is going to live life healthily. Eating eggs as a food is a lifelong investment, so why don’t you start eating egg?

Now regarding health and taste, both here is the way how to make egg fry in a wise move:


Ingredients Needed To Fry an Egg

  • Eggs
  • Salt as needed
  • Pepper
  • Thinly sliced onion pieces
  • Butter Ghee Or Oil as your taste and flavor


Here’s how to make egg fry in easy steps:



  1. Heat the pan with 3 tsp butter ghee or vegetable oil as you like to have, in a non-stick skillet over medium heat until hot.
  2. Break the eggs from the middle and slip into the heated pan one after another. Reduce the heat immediately; otherwise, it may get burn.
  3. Cook slowly until white parts are completely set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard.
  4. Slide turner under each egg and carefully flip it over in the pan.
  5. Cook another side to the desired doneness.
  6. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and masala as your taste and flavor.
  7. Serve immediately.


Tips How to Make Egg Fry Perfectly

Cooking foods more healthily and tastily is not everyone’s cup of tea. Every ingredient that you add to a food recipe you are going to prepare plays a significant role also the time you take to do every step also matters much in cooking. Even a small things matter that is going to change the taste, or is going to enrich the taste of the food that you are going to make.

Here we provide you some of the tips so that you could answer someone who asks you “How to make egg fry.”

How to Make Egg Fry?
How to Make Egg Fry?
  1. Fresh eggs produce the perfect, best-looking fried-eggs a compact oval with a thick white and a high centered yolk.
  2. For neater shape, break eggs into custard cup first, rather than directly into the pan. Hold cup close to the surface of the pan and slip egg from the bowl into the pan.


  1. Serve fried eggs for breakfast, in a fried egg sandwich or on top of steaks, cheeseburgers or hash.


  1. Make sure that you won’t break the eggs while flipping it.


  1. Don’t move it much, moving it for once is enough.


  1. You should know how to select and store eggs. You can choose eggs from free-range or from the chickens that are raised organically. Eggs should always be visually inspected before buying. You should check whether they are broken or damaged. If possible, you should place them in a box so that it prevents from getting damaged.


  1. It is the best idea to store eggs in a refrigerator where they may remain for up to one month (check the best-before-date on the box).


  1. Eggs with higher omega-3 fatty acid content are best eaten as early as possible to keep these oils fresh.

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